Benefits of Online Advertising at Elookads

Benefits of Online Advertising at is purely Cost effective - online advertising is affordable unlike other conventional methods of advertising at low cost with perfect demo. For example, advertising a product or services on a satilite TV Channel cost lakhs and crores, whereas advertising on an online platform like us will cost only thousands. focusing on Target audience - Advertising online will help to find the right customer for your business. It targets the right person who is genuinely interested in buying your product or service. is Increases Engagement - Online ads creates engagement. It helps to share  your interest in a particular product or service to your friends or family. Advertising over the internet help to increase the site traffic. It is proven that video ads have more engagement than other ads as it gives both visual and audio experience about a product or a business. Return On Investment - Advertisement are generally calculable in terms of ROI as it directly shows the revenue generated and the relative investment cost. In terms of online Advertisement, we get to know the conversion, pay per click and visit per click. 


We can conclude saying advertising and marketing is easier, affordable and trackable which helps to achieve our business goals better than any conventional marketing tool.